Branding Services

CBC is passionate about the work of Community Development Financial Institutions. We use our deep experience in financial services branding and marketing–based on  Finding, Telling and Proving the Story brand development process–to help CDFIs build strong, engaging brands. To help entrepreneurial CDFIs clarify and enhance their message, and spread the word about their work, we offer:

  • Brand strategy consulting
  • Branding services
  • Marketing strategy consulting

Read our New Client Orientation Guide, or request an estimate

Brand Strategy Consulting

CBC helps CDFIs develop a strong brand that is a strategic asset and helps the organization better achieve its long-term mission, and short-term business objectives.

  • Brand differentiation and market positioning
  • Touch point audits
  • Brand discovery and research
  • Competitive research
  • Customer research

Branding Services

Once a brand strategy is in place, CBC helps CDFIs create strategic and creative brand identities and communication tools.

  • Rebranding/renaming
  • Graphic identity
  • Taglines

Marketing Strategy Consulting

CBC helps CDFIs execute on their brand strategy by creating a powerful marketing strategy that includes:

  • Electronic communications, such as website and email
  • Social media
  • Printed collateral materials
  • Advertising


Most initial CBC engagements cost between $25k and $50k.  For more information, read our New Client Orientation Guide, or request an estimate

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